Kara took these photos not knowing what I knew about my baby girl. I was told basically my entire pregnancy my baby girl wasn’t going to survive outside the womb and so these photos were very special to me as I wanted to remember the feeling of being beautiful caring my baby girl. I remember getting my car afterwards and just crying because those photos could be my last happy memory of my baby girl but then she was born and I heard her cry. I prepared myself to not hear a cry and I lost control when I heard that tiny cry. She has many challenges coming her way but she’s a fighter. And I was so blessed to have you capture her newborn photos as well, at 2 months old , when she finally was able to come home from the hospital! So thank you for these photos and making feel beautiful. It goes to show you never know what someone is going through but you’d never be able to tell with these photos that I was at my lowest point in my pregnancy. -Roberta

When I booked my first session, I was nervous. But the second I walked through the door of the studio, Kara immediately calmed my nerves. She made me feel amazing and gorgeous. I waited so patiently for my pictures and when she sent the first one I said "No way that's me!!" I didn't realize through the years how much of my confidence I had lost until I saw those pictures, and then I became addicted. Addicted the the rush of adrenaline I get knowing that someone sees me entirely different than I see myself. That I'm not just a mom and wife. - Ashley

I had done one shoot with a different photographer before my first shoot with Kara and I can say with ease that my experience with Kara was by far more professional and more confidence boosting. There's something about the experience with Kara that makes everything more comfortable. -Sami

I've had a boudoir shoot with Kara twice now. Once when I was married three years, unhappy and trying to push thru. Trying not to fail my family. Trying not to fail my husband. Trying not to fail my vows and promise to God. My second shoot I just did, mid-divorce now, this photo was taken. I didn't even realize a photograph can show so much emotion that we didn't even know we were expressing. This photo proves how much more genuinely happy I am post marriage. Talking with others who have been thru what I am going thru. Hearing I never failed my daughter. I never failed my husband. And I never failed God. Everything happens for a reason. My reason is; don't stick around because it would possibly make everyone else happy. Because your scared of being alone. Or because you think it's what the bible says. In your heart, you know what's best for you and you need to listen to it. -Stephanie

Kara made me feel incredible in just the first few minutes of my shoot. The encouragement and fun is the best part! Then you get your photos and are in awe all over again!! -Candace

When I went to my shoot I was terrified. I hate my body I’m kinda awkward wasn’t sure if I could be sexy but Kara was a rockstar. She made me feel comfortable in my own skin, she is uplifting , encouraging and the pictures were amazing I did it for my husband for our 11th anniversary and he is in love with them also. -Jerri

I never in a million years thought I would have the confidence to have a boudoir photo session done but I am so glad I did! Kara made me feel comfortable and beautiful and it brought out self-confidence I didn’t know I had. -Cassie