Day of List

Hello to all of our favorite people!

​If you’ve booked with us, you’ve either had a consultation or your planning meeting by now – and we’ve mentioned our “Day of” list. This is the list of things we want at the venue at the same time we arrive – we take all of these small detail shots before all the fun and excitement of the day is underway (and usually while you’re in the early stages of getting ready or on your way to the venue).

​This list makes our job easier, and your day less stressful. Assign this to one person, give them everything the day before the wedding (usually at rehearsal is what we recommend), and make sure they will be at the venue when we arrive. They can leave after they give us the goodies, but we just want to make sure we get started on time. These should all be in one location so we don’t need to hunt anything down.

The “Day of” List

·        ​Copy of Invitation, Save the Date, Wedding Program

·        Wedding Dress

·        Garter

·        Veil

·        Cleaned Rings (his, yours, and your wedding band) – a side note, once you have them cleaned, do not wear them again. Every little smudge shows in photos

·        Jewelry you plan to wear – necklace, earrings, bracelets, cuff-links, watch, etc

·        Your something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

·        Shoes – yours and his. Every pair you’re going to wear

·        Grooms Clothes & details (including tie/suspenders, handkerchief, etc)

·        List of names of family members for family photos

·        List of bridal party names

… That’s it!

If we need anything specific from you (like your date props you made for your engagement session or something), we’ll make sure to let you know.

Stay Amazing,

Kara and Jason Awe